Night Curfew Amended

Egypt’s Cabinet has approved amendments to the night curfew in the country. The curfew will be reduced by an hour. It will now run from 8:00pm to 4:00am. Shopping hours will also be extended by an hour. The Cabinet has also approved the resumption of international flights to southern Sinai, the Red Sea province and Marsa Matrouh from 1 July. These areas have been least affected by Coronavirus. International flights had been suspended in March and only domestic and repatriation flights were allowed. Restaurants, hotels and cafes were also shut. The latest moves follow the reopening of hotels to domestic tourists last month providing they comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. Elsewhere, the authorities are considering reopening mosques in areas least affected by Coronavirus from 1 July and end-of-year exams for last grade high school students will be held as planned later this month according to the State Information Minister. Finally, public beaches and parks will reopen at the end of this month. Full story

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