ArchiveNovember 2020

More COVID-19 Curfews and Lockdowns


Turkey has stated there will be full weekend lockdowns and weeknight curfews as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the country. A general curfew will be applied every weeknight from 9 pm. to 5 am. There will also be a weekend-long curfew, from Friday 9 pm. to 5 am. Monday, he added. New restrictions will come into effect on 30 November at 9 p.m. On 20 November 2020, Turkey...

Anti-Coronavirus Measures Should be Complied with During Exams


The Student Evaluation Department of Qatar’s Education and Higher Education Ministry has clarified anti-Coronavirus measures should be compiled with during exams. They added capacity rules should also be complied with. These rules specify no more than 15 students can be in a classroom and there are no more than 60 students in sports halls. They made the clarification after a meeting with...

Re-entry Procedures Simplified


Qatar’s Government Communication Office has announced re-entry procedures for travellers have been simplified. Under the simplified procedures which come into force on 29 November 2020, a Coronavirus test will be required for those returning to the country for those who haven’t had a test within 48 hours before traveling to Doha by one of the Public Health Ministry’s accredited...

Abu Dhabi: Coronavirus Vaccine Triallists Will be Exempt From PCR Test Requirement


Abu Dhabi’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for Coronavirus has announced it has approved special measures for participants in Phase 3 clinical trials of the Coronavirus vaccine or the National Vaccination Programme for emergency use. It will apply immediately after the first dose has been given. They will have a gold star status in the Alhosn application and will not have to take...

Sharjah: Anti-Coronavirus Measures Decision Issued


Sharjah’s Executive Council has issued Sharjah Executive Council Decision No. 35/2020 on violations of the anti-Coronavirus measures. It outlines various penalties for non-compliance in workplaces. They also issued Sharjah Executive Council Decision No. 36/2020 on regulating the anti-Coronavirus training activities in the Emirate which assigns responsibility for supervising the training...

Mosques to Reopen Next Month


The UAE’s National Authority for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management has announced mosques will be allowed to reopen for Friday mass prayers from 4 December 2020. The Authority’s official spokesperson said mosques which reopen for these purposes will have to comply with all of the anti-Coronavirus measures. This includes committing to disinfect mosques and have volunteer teams...

Additional Travel Exemptions Announced


Oman’s Health Ministry has announced additional travel exemptions. Those who are now exempted from the anti-Coronavirus measures at the Sultanate’s land borders are sick Omanis who live or work in neighbouring countries and commute to work daily across the relevant border. Omani families living at the land borders in the governorates of Musandam, Al Buraimi and Dhofar who can provide...

Coronavirus Vaccines Will Not be Compulsory


Jordan’s Health Minister has announced the new Coronavirus vaccine, when it arrives, will be free to Jordanians and residents in Jordan. They added the vaccine will not be compulsory because Jordanian law does not force anyone to take any treatment. Full story

Coronavirus Patients Can Vote


Kuwait’s Council of Ministers has decided to allow Coronavirus patients to vote in National Assembly elections on 5 December 2020. They said this is a constitutional right for them and they should be permitted to execute it. The Justice Minister has briefed the Council on the recommendations of the ministerial committee to put a workflow in place to organise the election processes including...