ArchiveAugust 2020

Law to Support People Affected by Coronavirus Approved


Kuwait’s Council of Ministers has approved a draft law to support and guarantee financing by local banks to customers affected by Coronavirus. It aims to stimulate banks to provide the necessary financing to affected clients. This will include individuals and companies, to prevent shortages of liquidity which affects their financial solvency. Full story

Reopening of Kindergartens in Schools Postponed


A spokesman for Jordan’s Education Ministry has announced the reopening of kindergartens in schools has been postponed. It means they will reopen on 6 September. The postponement applies to kindergartens in public and private schools. The spokesman added kindergarten attendance is not compulsory this year. Full story

Anti-Coronavirus Guidelines for Cleaning and Hospitality Services Issued


Qatar’s Commerce and Industry has announced it has issued anti-Coronavirus guidelines for cleaning and hospitality services as they resume their activities. The resumption of their activities is part of the fourth phase of lock down restrictions being relaxed in the country. Workers of cleaning and hospitality service companies will be allowed into workplaces or homes but only after their...

Six Year Olds Have to Wear Face Masks


Jordan’s Education Ministry has announced six year olds have to wear face masks in schools. Directives and guidelines to this effect have been issued. Those under six are exempt. The new directives and guidelines are aimed at tackling an increase in Coronavirus cases in the country. Full story

Mosques in Industrial Cities and Labour Sites to be Allowed to Reopen


The UAE authorities have announced mosques in industrial cities and labour sites will be allowed to reopen. However, they will not be able to be more than 30% full. They will also have to comply with other anti-Coronavirus measures. Worshippers will have to read the Quran via the electronic Quran app, use a single personal prayer mat and download the Alhosn application on their smartphones. Full...

Fajr Prayers to be Allowed


Bahrain’s Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry has announced Fajr or dawn prayers will be allowed in mosques across the country. They will be allowed from today and follow an announcement by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs on the gradual reopening of mosques and resumption of collective worship and religious gatherings. However, during these prayers, the relevant anti...

Friday Prayers to be Allowed to Resume


According to local newspaper reports, Egypt’s Prime Minister has announced Friday prayers in major mosques will be allowed to resume. However, strict anti-Coronavirus measures will have to be complied with. Sermons will be limited to 10 minutes. Worshippers will have to wear face masks at all times, comply with social distancing rules and use private prayer rugs. People will be allowed to...

Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation Service Contract Extended


According to local media reports, Kuwait’s Finance Ministry has agreed to extend the contract for air ambulance and medical evacuation service for six months from 6 September 2020. The aim is to ensure the continuation of these services. They are provided to transport patients via air ambulance, especially in remote areas and chalets. It enables the quick transporting of cases to hospitals...

Service Restrictions on Beauty Parlours Announced


Oman’s Supreme Anti-Coronavirus Committee has announced service restrictions on beauty parlours. The restrictions apply to women’s hairdressing salons, barbershops and men’s personal care salons. Under the restrictions, facial hair cannot be removed through threading, whether using the mouth or another method which involves allows close contact with the face. The personal tools...

Reopening Guidelines for Nurseries Issued


The UAE’s Education Ministry and The National Authority for Managing Emergencies, Crisis, and Disasters have issued the reopening guidelines for nurseries and childcare centres in the country. Under the guidelines, nurseries and childcare facilities have to introduce procedures for entering their premises. This includes checking temperatures and regulating the entry and departure of...