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Coronavirus Infection Guidance Issued


The UAE’s Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has issued guidance on dealing with employees who may have been exposed to people with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus. The guidance has been issued by virtue of an instruction manual. It will apply to employees in Federal authorities and is the latest anti-Coronavirus measure to be announced by the Authority. All Ministries and...

School Reopening Guidelines Approved


Oman’s Education Minister has announced the school reopening guidelines have been approved. The guidelines mean schools can be safely reopened for students, teachers and other staff. A Decision approving the regulations for operations of schools has been issued to this effect. The blended learning model will be adopted and means students will have to physically attend for a specified number...

Rules for Weddings, Conferences and Exhibitions Announced


New rules on weddings, conferences and exhibitions have been announced. The relevant Prime Minister Decision has been published in the Official Gazette. These events will be able to resume from 21 September providing certain anti-Coronavirus measures are complied with. Weddings and similar events can be held in open places in hotels and tourist establishments who have health and safety...

Midday Work Ban Lifted


Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources and Social Development Ministry has announced the midday work ban has been lifted. The ban came into force on 15 June and was implemented until 15 September. In the period up to 2 September, the Ministry detected 1,278 violations. Violators were fined 3,000 Riyals for each employee made to work in open sites. Full story

Tougher Coronavirus Penalties Announced


Jordan’s Minister of State for Media Affairs has announced the Prime Minister has introduced tougher penalties for non-compliance with the anti-Coronavirus measures in the country. They been introduced through Jordan Defence Order No. 16/2020 which bans wedding parties, funerals and social gatherings with more than 20 people attending. Those attending gatherings which comply with the Order...

Indoor Eating Reopening Postponed


Bahrain’s Government Executive Committee has announced it has postponed the reopening of indoor dining services and physical learning in public schools. Administrative, technical and teaching staff at public schools will not return for another two weeks. They will be allowed to return on 4 October 2020. Teachers and educational staff will be periodically tested for Coronavirus together with...

Valid PCR Certificate Required for Entry Via Causeway


Bahrain’s Interior Minister has confirmed a valid PCR certificate is required for those entering the Kingdom via the King Fahd Causeway. To be valid, the PCR certificate must have been accredited by Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry within 72 hours after the Coronavirus test has been taken. No other health procedure will be applied. The relevant Bahraini authorities are working with...

Passenger Guide Updated


Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation has announced the passenger guide has been updated. The updating of the guide follows the approval by the relevant authorities to allow exceptional international travel. Under the updated guide, non-Saudis will not be able to enter the Kingdom unless they have submitted evidence they are Coronavirus-free. This has to be based on a recent...

Abu Dhabi: New Entry Requirements Announced


Abu Dhabi’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for Coronavirus has announced new entry requirements for international passengers. For international passengers arriving in Abu Dhabi, and staying there, they will have to take a PCR test and register under the isolation system. They will then receive an electronic tracking wristband at the border or entry point which must be worn for 14...