All international flights suspended


Officials from the Saudi Interior Ministry have confirmed that based on the information given by the Health Ministry on the new strain of COVID-19 in a number of countries, until clearer information is available the government there has decided to suspend all flights, except in exceptional circumstance, temporarily for a week – with the possibility of renewing these measures. Foreign...

Flights to UK Suspended


Authorities in Kuwait have added the UK to the ban list of countries from which passengers are prohibited to enter the state of Kuwait, without indicating the duration of the ban, as a result of the new strain. Full story

Flights to UK and Three Other Countries Suspended


Turkish authorities have suspended flights from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa due to concerns over a new fast-moving strain of COVID-19. The Health Minister wrote on Twitter it has been reported that the rate of transmission has increased in the UK with the mutation of the coronavirus. Under the directives of the President in coordination with our Transport and Infrastructure...

Borders Closed for a Week


Oman will close its land, air and sea borders on 22 December at 1am for one week, The move comes following news of a new strain for COVID 19. Other nations have restricted travel from specific countries including the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa while Saudi Arabia like Oman has issued wider restrictions. Full story

Sick Leave for those with COVID 19 Vaccine


The Saudi Ministry of Health has confirmed a person who has received a Corona vaccine will not be granted a sick leave from work for isolation. The statement came in response to a query from a citizen. The Ministry indicated that there were no scientific recommendations that the person who has been vaccinated should be isolated. More details

Abu Dhabi: All Activities to be Able to Resume by Christmas


Abu Dhabi’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for the COVID-19 Pandemic has announced all economic, tourism, cultural and entertainment activities in the Emirate will be able to resume by Christmas. They have started working with the relevant authorities to achieve this by reviewing and enhancing the anti-Coronavirus measures currently in force. It comes as Coronavirus cases in the...

Intercity Ban Could be Reintroduced


According to local newspaper reports, a ban on intercity travel could be reintroduced. It would be reintroduced to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the country. Health experts have called for all but emergency travel to be banned. Full story

Dubai: Coronavirus Travel Rules Amended


Dubai Airports have announced the Coronavirus travel rules for nationals from four other GCC countries have been updated. Under the updated travel guidance, nationals from these other GCC countries do not need to show a PCR test result. They will be able to take a test on arrival and a Circular to this effect has been issued. The amended travel rules also apply to passengers from Germany and the...

National Weekend Curfews Ended


The Turkish Government have announced national weekend curfews have ended. The curfews started on Friday at 9pm and ended on Monday at 5am. However, there will be curfews on weeknights and full weekend curfews. Some sectors, including production, supply, health and agriculture will be exempt. Supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers and dried fruit shops will be allowed to be open between 10am and...

Mosques Can Reopen for Asr Prayers


Bahrain’s Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry has announced mosques in the Kingdom can reopen for Asr prayers. They will be able to reopen from today (6 December 2020). It follows a Decision from the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs on gradually resuming collective prayers. However, all anti-Coronavirus measures have to be complied with. It means mosques in the country will...