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New Travel Rules Announced


Iraq’s Higher Committee for Health and National Safety has announced it has issued new travel rules for those travelling to and from the country. The new rules were approved on 6 July and revoke Iraq Higher Committee for Health and National Decision No. 38/2020, Iraq Higher Committee for Health and National Decision No. 41/2020 and Iraq Higher Committee for Health and National Decision No...

New Anti-Coronavirus Measures for International Airport Announced in Abu Dhabi


The General Manager for Abu Dhabi International Airport has announced new anti-Coronavirus measures have been introduced. They are aimed at protecting employees and passengers and reducing the spread of the virus. It comes as flights from the airport are gradually resumed. Among other things, contactless control equipment will be installed in elevators and self-sanitising escalators have been...

Dubai International Financial Centre’s Emergency Presidential Directive Will End on 31 July 2020


Dubai’s International Financial Centre has announced the emergency DIFC Presidential Directive No. 4/2020 will end on 31 July 2020. The 31 July 2020 marks the end of the Emergency Period stated in the Presidential Directive. The Presidential Directive was issued on 26 April 2020. It was aimed at helping companies access various emergency measures for their employees to ensure the companies...

Driving Licenses can Be Renewed Online


The Royal Oman Police have announced they have launched an e-service to allow drivers to renew their driving licenses. It can be done via its website and the Police application for smartphones. To do so, they need to activate the electronic certification PKI service and save the result of the visual test electronically. They will then receive the new license from the nearest police service centre...

Ban on Shops Opening on Fridays and Saturdays Lifted


Qatar’s Commerce and Industry Ministry has announced a ban on shops opening on Fridays and Saturdays has been lifted. It comes into force tomorrow and follows the issuing of a Cabinet Decision to this effect. It will allow all commercial activities to resume. The Ministry has issued a notification to this effect and Qatar Circular No. 16/2020 will be revoked. The Cabinet also approved a...

Dubai: Rent Exemptions to be Extended


Dubai’s Deputy and Finance Minister has announced the rent exemptions for business tenants in the Emirate will be extended. Directives to this effect have been issued. The 200 million AED relief package will exempt tenants from rents for between three and six months, depending on their business activity. It is expected to benefit approximately 1,500 business tenants. It is aimed at...

Health Tourism Measures Approved


Jordan’s Government has announced new health tourism measures have been approved. Under the measures, patients will be able to go to the Kingdom for treatment after travel restrictions aimed at tackling Coronavirus were relaxed. Patients from the Arab Gulf, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Sudan and Yemen as well as Cyprus will be able to submit requests on the new

Additional Relief for Consumers Announced


The Board of Directors of Egypt’s Financial Supervisory Authority has agreed to add new goods and services in the list of products and services which are covered by Egypt Law No. 18/2020 regulating consumer finance activity to facilitate the financing of its purchase. It is also aimed at help consumers meet their needs as p[art of Prime Ministerial initiatives to stimulate consumption and...

Anti-Coronavirus Measures for Schools Announced


Turkey’s Health Ministry has published the anti-Coronavirus measures for schools when they reopen at the end of August. Under the measures, school buildings will have to be washed down thoroughly before the new school year starts on 31 August. Schools will have to have the appropriate equipment to measure fevers and face masks or hand sanitisers. They will have to ensure social distancing...