Safe Camping Instructions Issued

Qatar’s Interior Ministry has issued safe camping instructions. They apply to the winter camping season. Campers should comply with all of the relevant anti-Coronavirus measures issued under Qatar Decree-Law No. 17/1990. The number of people in a car should be limited to four, including the driver, except for those who are from the same family. Face masks should be worn wherever they are mandatory, and campers should have a green status on the Ehteraz application. They should also comply with social distancing rules. Drivers should also check their vehicle is safe to drive before and during the trip and comply with all road safety rules. They should follow the relevant speed limit, keep sufficient and safe distance between them and other vehicles, ensure seat belts are worn and avoid overtaking incorrectly. They should also avoid driving in waterlogged areas and not use brakes suddenly. Those driving quad bikes, should pay attention to the relevant safety measures which include wearing a helmet, not riding over greenery and not allowing children to drive quad bikes. Campers should choose a proper place for a stove when cooking. This should be away from tents, generator and petroleum liquids and take wind direction into account. The fuel used for the generator should be placed in a safe and remote location. Smoking or using any heat source when checking the generator fuel, or when filling should be avoided. This will prevent any ignition of the fuel. Heaters and fires should not be used or lit inside tents In addition, heaters should not be put near to clothes and stoves should not be kept alight overnight. Lamps should be kept away from clothes in tents and be kept in a safe and fixed place. Campers should buy good-quality heaters and put them near to the nearest socket which is adequate for the heater’s current. It should not be connected to a single socket with an extension cable or power strips with another heater or any other device. Campers should be extra careful when using a gas heater as it is more dangerous because any defect in it or in its wires and fittings may result in congestion because of inhaling leaking gas or carbon monoxide which comes from the combustion process. Campers should also be careful in operating a heater with bad electrical connections or loading it beyond its capacity as both of these issues will cause fires. Heaters should jot be placed in corridors, near flammable materials or within easy reach of children. In addition, it should not be left running overnight. Finally, campers should be mindful of the safety of children. They should be reminded not to play outside the camping site and they should be taught to keep the camping area clean and tidy. They should be shown where they can play and this should not be near roads or streets or excavation sites or wells. They should not be left alone and unattended at any time ad a first aid box should be kept for emergencies. Histoire complète

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