Abu Dhabi: Coronavirus Procedures Amended

Abu Dhabi’s Crisis, Emergencies and Disasters Committee has announced the Coronavirus procedures for entering the Emirate have been amended. They will apply from 8 November. Under the amended procedures, residents and visitors who enter the Emirate and stay for four or more consecutive days will have to take a PCR test on the fourth day of entry. If they stay for eight or more consecutive days, they will have to take another PCR test on the eighth day. They must enter within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR or DPI test result. The current PCR test required on day six will not be mandatory for those entering on or after 8 November. Those who do not comply with the measures will be fined. COVID-19 vaccine trial volunteers will be exempt from these measures and will be able to use emergency vehicle lanes for an easy journey. The new update obliges residents and visitors returning back to the emirate to have a PCR test on the 4 day of their stay in the emirate. If they are staying more than 8 days, they are required to have another PCR test on their 8 day of stay. The update comes into effect from 8th November 2020. Histoire complète

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