New Defence Orders Issued

Jordan’s Prime Minister has issued two new Defence Orders to implement the lockdown and night curfew measures announced by the Government. Under Jordan Defence Order No. 19/2020, mosques will open on Fridays for one hour and worshippers will have to make their way on foot. Citizens who violate the new lockdown and night curfew measures will be fined 500 Dinars. Entities who violate these measures will be fined 2,000 Dinars and will be closed for 14 days and if the entity violates these measures more than once, they will be fined 6,000 Dinars. Under Jordan Defence Order No. 20/2020, the number of Government and official agencies who can conduct inspections to ensure compliance with anti-Coronavirus measures has been increased to 12. The Government has also reversed a decision to close nurseries. Histoire complète

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