Coronavirus Infection Guidance Issued

The UAE’s Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has issued guidance on dealing with employees who may have been exposed to people with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus. The guidance has been issued by virtue of an instruction manual. It will apply to employees in Federal authorities and is the latest anti-Coronavirus measure to be announced by the Authority. All Ministries and federal authorities have to increase employee awareness and comply with all of the anti-Coronavirus measures. This includes employee’s reporting their travel and return home. They also have to report whether or not they have come into contact with confirmed or suspected cases and submit their COVID-19 test result before reporting to their workplaces. Under the manual, all Federal entities have to provide all possible logistic support to protect their employees, customers and communities and work with the relevant authorities to transport people with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus from their work premises to hospitals for testing. They also have to identify those with exposure to confirmed and suspected cases and isolate them at their temporary quarantine facilities before they are hospitalised. Histoire complète

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