School Reopening Guidelines Approved

Oman’s Education Minister has announced the school reopening guidelines have been approved. The guidelines mean schools can be safely reopened for students, teachers and other staff. A Decision approving the regulations for operations of schools has been issued to this effect. The blended learning model will be adopted and means students will have to physically attend for a specified number of hours and days for some classes ad remotely for other classes. Physical attendance will be rotated weekly. On the days when students are not attending classes, they have to learn remotely in line with their assigned schedules, which are prepared by school administrations in line with the approved curriculum. A continuous improvement evaluation system for the full academic year will also be established. Exams will be taken at the end of the school year. The number of percentage weights of exam scores has been reduced and the percentage in the continuous evaluation increased. This includes three standardised short tests for all groups. A guide for teachers and students for using the electronic platform, a teaching plan for e-learning and the system for operating special education schools and private schools will be made available. Social distancing rules also have to be compiled with. Histoire complète

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