Tougher Anti-Coronavirus Measures Introduced

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has announced all entertainment venues have to close down. A Circular to this effect was issued by the Ministry to the Governor offices in all provinces in the country. It states all activities in ‘public recreation and entertainment places’ have to stop. Those who do not comply will be closed down. The Ministry added some entertainment venues like bars, pubs, taverns and nightclubs have applied to the Municipality or special provincial administration to change their business use to cafes and restaurants to allow them to continue operating. Elsewhere, the authorities have been intensifying their enforcement of anti-Coronavirus measures across the country. Those who violate home-based self-isolation measures, despite being warned have started to be placed in mandatory isolation in dormitories. The costs of the two-week isolation will have to be paid by violators, but the amount of the fine is expected to vary from province to province. Histoire complète

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