Anti-Coronavirus School Reopening Guidelines Issued

Oman’s Education Ministry has issued the anti-Coronavirus guidelines for schools to reopen. They will reopen on 1 November. The anti-Coronavirus measures include checking temperatures and sterilisers, wearing face masks and observing social distancing rules. According to the World Health Organisation, certain children do not have to wear face masks. If a student develops a fever, their guardian has to inform the school of a potential Coronavirus infection Students will have 45 minutes learning time with their teachers. School buses will not be able to be more than 50% full to ensure social distancing rules are complied with. Students will have to wear face masks while travelling from home to school and they will not be able to get on to school buses if they do not. Curriculum content has also been reduced by 30%. Schools will be open for between three and five hours. They will be three hours in low-density schools abd five hours in high-density schools. Only 16 students will be allowed in each class in low-density schools, 50% in medium-density schools and 33% of the total students in high-density schools. Histoire complète

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