Tourism Ministry Announces Anti-Coronavirus Measures for Archaeological Sites

Egypt’s Tourism and Antiquities Ministry has announced the anti-Coronavirus measures to be followed by archaeological sites and museums when they reopen. The aim is to protect the health and safety of visitors and employees. Archaeological sites and museums must be sterilised daily before they open to visitors. This will be supervised by a team of restorers and antiquities inspectors. The temperature of museum employees will have to be measured daily and visitors will have to have their temperatures taken before they visit. The Health and Population Ministry will have to be notified of any suspected Coronavirus cases. Posters will have to be placed on the floor to ensure social distancing rules can be complied with and personal protective equipment like disinfection and sterilisation equipment and masks will have to be provided to all employees. Employees have to wear face masks while working and those with symptoms should go on sick leave. Employees have to be familiar with all information related to Coronavirus and its symptoms, as well as all the anti-Coronavirus measures which must be followed to prevent infection. There should not be more than 25 tourists in a group. Tour guides have to wear face masks when explaining exhibits through headphones which have to be sterilised after each use. Tourism companies have to provide face masks for tourists and their companions. Only 200 visitors will be allowed to enter the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir an hour and 100 visitors in other museums. Only 10 to 15 visitors will be allowed to visit a pyramid or an archaeological cemetery from the inside depending on the area of the monument at any one time. Schools and universities will have to notify archaeological sites and museums 48 hours before they are due to visit and the numbers of students should not exceed 15 people with a supervisor. No more than five trips a day will be allowed. Histoire complète

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