159 Fined in Mecca for Not Wearing Masks

Police in Saudi Arabia have fined people for 159 violations to the rules on wearing face masks in Mecca. The 159 people have been fined 1,000 riyals each for failing to abide by COVID-19 health protocols and not wearing masks. People who do not wear face masks or fail to adhere to social distancing rules will be fined 1,000 Riyals. People who refuse to be checked for temperature when entering public or private sectors buildings are also be fined 1,000 Riyals. Businesses that fail to provide disinfectants and sanitisers at designated locations will also be fined of 10,000 Riyals. This fine will also be levied on companies that do not sterilise shopping carts and baskets after each use or do not measure the temperature of both employees and visitors at the entry points to shopping centres and malls. Companies which fail to sanitise commonly used facilities will face the same fine. Police have also stated sector facilities that allow people to enter their premises without wearing medical or cloth masks will be fined 10,000 Riyals. It has also been reported that 73 stores in Medina have been shut down for failing to observe COVID-19 health precautions. Histoire complète

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