Abu Dhabi: Health and Safety Circular Issued to Support Extended Capacity For Restaurants

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Developemnt (DED) has issued a circular instructing restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and other licensed food outlets inside and outside malls they can operate at 80% capacity. Precautionary measures include ensuring employees in this sector undergo laser-based DPI screening for the virus every two weeks at designated test centres, and there are temperature checks for employees (with infrared thermometers where the outlet is inside a mall or standard thermometers in outlets in other locations). Reusable cutlery and plates can be used if it is able to be effectively sanitised but if that is not possible single use items are required. However, vulnerable members of staff are still banned from returning to work in this sector. Face masks and gloves must also be worn by staff. Two meter social distancing and a maximum of four customers per table is also required. Symptoms among staff must be reported to the Department of Health and contact less payment should be encouraged. Histoire complète

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