Schools to Reopen Gradually From 1 September

Qatar’s Education and Higher Education Ministry has announced public and private schools will reopen gradually from 1 September. In the first phase, schools will be open from 1 to 3 September and no more than a third of the school’s population will be able to attend. In the second phase, schools and kindergartens will be open from 6 to 17 September and no more than 50% of the school’s population will be able to attend. In the third phase, which will start on 20 September, all public and private school students and those in kindergarten will return. 100% of students in schools and kindergartens will start attending classes in schools.

The Educational Affairs and Special Education Departments have announced they have sent guidelines for Government schools, including specialist schools, special education schools in the Audio Education Complex, Al Heedaya schools and kindergartens, private schools and kindergartens. Attendance will alternate during the two weeks in two groups. 50% of students will attend classes in the first week in school. They will receive their education remotely the following week. The other 50% of students will attend in the second week of the start of the academic year and will receive their education remotely in the first week. In all phases, anti-Coronavirus measures will have to be complied with.

Schools will be open from 7.15am to 12.30pm. There will six classes a day and each will last for 45 minutes. There will be five minute breaks between classes. There will also be three 25-minute breaks but they will be staggered to ensure there is no overcrowding. The usual daily schedule will apply in kindergartens and they will be open from 7.10am to 12.00. Before schools open they will have to ensure they have a permanent nurse and provide isolation rooms where any students or school staff showing symptoms can be treated. Sufficient sterilisers must also be provided and distributed to all facilities and classrooms. From 1 September, no one will be allowed to enter school buildings or kindergartens without agreeing to follow the anti-Coronavirus measures issued by the Ministry’s Health and Safety Department. Histoire complète

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