Nursery Reopening Guidelines Issued

Qatar’s Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs Ministry has announced it has issued guidelines for nurseries in the country to reopen. Nurseries and childcare facilities will be able to reopen on 1 August as part of the third phase of the country’s reopening. Owners and managers of nurseries as well as employees, teachers, parents, children and those accompanying them will have to comply with them. Nursery authorities will have to send official letters informing the Ministry they have put all of the anti-Coronavirus measures in place on their premises. The letter will have to be signed by the license holder and they will have to pledge to comply with all relevant Public Health Ministry instructions. They will also have to declare the nursery will not reopen before it obtains the written approval of the relevant authorities.

Nurseries who don’t get a health facility license from the Ministry will not be allowed to reopen. All nursery employees will have to show their status on the Ehteraz application. Those accompanying the children to and from the nurseries will also have to show they have a Green status on the application. Parents should pay fees electronically. If they use cash, they should put the amount owed in envelopes. Nursery administration staff will take receipt of it at the main gate. Nurseries should hold Coronavirus checks for all employees and they should not be allowed to start working unless they are negative. Employees with health conditions like chronic diseases, or pregnant employees should not be allowed to work. If anyone gets infected, the nursery should be closed for 14 days and sterilised. The infected person will have to be examined again before they return to work or join the nursery. Histoire complète

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