Fines for Those Who Break Quarantine Rules Announced

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority has announced those who break quarantine rules will be fined. Quarantine will last for between seven and 14 days. It will seven days for those travelling from low-risk countries and 14 days for those travelling from high-risk countries. They will have to quarantine at home or if their homes are inadequate, an institution. They will have all to pay all the costs of quarantining and medical assistance unless there are specific circumstances which mean employers have to pay the costs. Under UAE Federal Attorney General Decision No. 38/2020 which was issued in line with UAE Federal Cabinet Decision No. 17/2020, they will be fined 50,000 AED if they don’t comply. The rules applies to all passengers, regardless of whether or not they have a negative Coronavirus certificate and they will all have to download the Al Hosn application. This will allow them to be monitored during quarantine and for their health status to be monitored. The application can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices for free. Histoire complète

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