Ban on Friday Prayers to be Lifted

Kuwait’s Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry has announced a ban on Friday prayers is going to be lifted. It means Friday prayers will be able to be performed at mosques this week. The ban was first introduced in March as part of anti-Coronavirus measures announced by the Government. However, mosques will have to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. They will have to be sanitised completely, provide anti-Coronavirus measure signs and ensure worshippers comply with social distancing rules. Mosques will have to open 30 minutes before the call to prayer and close 15 minutes after prayers. The khutbah or sermon and prayer should not last for more than 15 minutes. The arrival and departure of worshippers will be organised and there will be floor signs to organise the location of each worshipper during prayers. Khatibs or preachers will have to remind worshippers to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures., including social distancing, the requirement to wear a face mask and stay at home if they experience any symptoms. Those currently in quarantine will not be allowed into mosques while those with weak immune systems or chronic illnesses should stay at home. Water fountains and toilets will be shut and seats and door handles will be routinely sanitised. Worshippers will also have to do their pre-prayer ablution at home and bring their own prayer rug. A worshipper who does not wear a face mask will not be allowed in. Hand shaking and close social interactions in mosques have to be discouraged. Children under 15 will also opt be allowed into mosques. Prayers at the Grand Mosque will be televised on state TV. Mosques will be closed again if they do not comply with the measures. Histoire complète

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