Travel Restrictions for Elderly Relaxed

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has announced travel restrictions for the elderly in the country have been relaxed. Under the relaxation, those over 65 will be able to travel for tourism purposes with permission from the relevant authorities. Permission will be given through a Tourism Purpose Travel Permission. Permission will be given for up to six people, including spouses, siblings and immediate family members. Those over 65 and with immunodeficiency and kidney failures, or those who have had organ transplant operations in the last three years cannot apply for this permission. It comes as the number of reported Coronavirus cases falls and the country’s tourism season has started. A circular to this effect has been sent to the governors of the country’s 81 provinces. It is the latest relaxation of restrictions on the elderly in the country. No decisions on restrictions for the Eid Al Adha holiday in the country have yet been made. However, they wouldn’t be like the restrictions imposed during the Eid Al Fitr holiday. The Interior Ministry has also issued directives on the regulations for wedding venues to reopen on 1 July. Under these regulations, hosts should hold ceremonies outside, where possible. The ceremony should be kept as short as possible and only the bride and groom can dance. The temperatures of guests will have to be taken and attendees will have to wear face masks. Histoire complète

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