Guidelines for Cafes and Restaurants to Reopen Issued

Abu Dhabi’s Economic Development Department has issued guidelines for cafes, restaurants and coffee shops outside shopping malls in the Emirate to reopen.When they reopen, they will only be able to be 40% full and employees will have to check employees don’t have Coronavirus. Up to four people will be allowed per table and there will have to be 2.5 metres between tables. Only those between 12 and 60 will be allowed in. Under-12s, over 60s and those with chronic diseases will not be allowed in. All employees will have to wear face masks and gloves at all times when working. Employees will have to ensure the temperatures of employees are regularly checked and anyone with a high temperature will be refused entry. Any employee displaying Coronavirus symptoms will be sent to the nearest medical centre for testing. Buffets, open food displays, food samples, shared canapés and shisha will be banned and waiting areas will be closed. Entities will have to use only single-use cutlery and reusable cutlery can only be used if the entity has thermal dishwashers which ensure high-temperature sterilisation.

Where a food handler contracts the virus, the entity must be closed. Hand sanitisers must be installed at entry points and surfaces and tools must be sanitised daily, while chairs and tables must be disinfected after every use. Toilets must also be sanitised frequently. Finally, work hours must be aligned with those of the National Disinfection Programme so they can operate between 6:00am and 10:00pm. Histoire complète

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