Dubai Government Issues Updated Guidance On Reopening

The Dubai Government has issued updated guidelines and protocols for COVID-19 reopening which take effect from 17 June 2020. Resumed activities now include those detailed at Stages 1, 2 and 3 (which can operate at 100%) while strictly maintaining social distancing measures, swimming pools and all aquatic sports and venues, private museums, cultural centres and art galleries, public libraries (except Al Ras), water parks, public areas in hotels such as pools, meeting rooms and kids’ clubs, home based beauty services and care facilities for elderly and those with disabilities, the use of sports equipment and children’s playgrounds in public parks and beaches, 3D and 4D cinema and desert camps (if they follow DTCM guidelines). Elective surgery for procedures over 2.5 hours can also take place. However, it is noted normal operations and working hours must be in line with timings for the national sterilization programme. All individuals (whether staff, employees, visitors, guests, customers, passengers or patients) entering any facility or engaging in any activity must undergo mandatory temperature screening.

All those except people with exemptions must wear face mask when leaving homes, The installation of hand sanitizer dispensers (preferably contactless ones) is mandatory in all common areas, preferably contactless dispensers. There must also still be social distancing of 2m between individuals and 4m between groups. Quarantine remains in place for returning UAE residents and there must be sterilisation and use of disposable items. There should be priority queues for those over 60 in all reopened facilities and they should also work in a single office or at a desk with 2m distancing. Seniors should spend more than three hours outside the house (unless going to do office work)

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