Midday Work Ban to be Introduced

Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources and Social Development Ministry has announced the midday work ban in the Kingdom will come into force on 15 June. It will prohibit work between 12pm and 3pm for three months until 15 September. It will cover all private sector companies and establishments. Employers cannot make employees work in direct sunlight between 12.00pm and 3.00pm. It excludes employees in oil and gas companies, as well as emergency maintenance workers, provided the necessary measures are taken to protect them from direct sunlight. Employers should arrange work hours and implement the Decision.It also excludes governorates in some regions of the Kingdom, because of the difference in temperatures which decrease in some regions and governorates to levels which do not require a working hour ban specified in the Ministerial Decision. The directors of the subdivisions of the regions should determine whether the Decision needs to be implemented in their areas of works and the provinces under their jurisdiction in line with the climate conditions and temperatures in the region during the prevention period. Violations should be reported to19911 or through the Together for Monitoring portal https://rasd.ma3an.gov.sa

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