Malls Allowed Full Reopening in Dubai

Dubai authorities have allowed malls and private sector businesses to fully reopen from 3 June 2020.

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai announced the opening of 100% of commercial centres, companies and private establishments in Dubai, starting 3 June 202. The reopening will includes cinemas and movie theatres, gyms, some sporting facilities, education and training centres, entertainment facilities such as ice rinks and dolphinariums. Working hours for companies and operating hours of malls are to fall within the times permitted for public movement, which is currently between 6.00am and 11.00pm. Private sector businesses had been allowed to work at 50% capacity since the previous week. Preventative measures include wearing face masks, maintaining a minimum distance of two metres between individuals and the regular use of hand sanitisers, However, cinemas will operate at 30% occupancy and cinemas will be sanitised between each screening and deep-cleaned every night. A contactless system has also been put in place to allow people to book tickets and buy snacks online. In restaurants, a larger than normal distance will be kept distance between tables and there will be fewer available seats. Inspections will be held to ensure full adherence to guidelines. Both members of the public and shopping malls will face fines if they violate guidelines, the Committee warned. Malls are implementing required measures such as having thermal scanners checking customers and staff; 24-hour sanitisation of common areas; social distancing policies; signs for visitors and staff to wear masks and gloves. Elevators are being used by people with disabilities with social distancing of two metres; and separate isolation areas are being provided. There are malls which have put in place separate garbage cans marked for disposing used masks and gloves separately. As the Dubai Government sent out a directive allowing all malls and offices in the Emirate to return to full operating mode on 2 June 2020, mall managements are expected to issue their own guidelines to their tenants shortly. However, numbers of customers are not expected to reach pre-COVID 19 levels immediately, especially as there are still restrictions on children under 12 and those over 60. Many retailers are currently trying to negotiate rent relief and there are concerns that some landlords have begun to cash cheques even though tenants were told they would be given more time to get their businesses back to normal. Histoire complète

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