Archivemai 2020

Judicial Holidays Suspended


Oman’s Council of Administrative Affairs for the Judiciary has announced judicial holidays in the Sultanate have been suspended. It comes as the Council looks to clear a backlog caused by Coronavirus. A Circular to this effect has been issued to all courts in the country. Full story

La reprise complète du tourisme de santé


Turkey’s Health Minister has announced full health tourism in the country can resume. The country had allowed health tourism to partially resume with nationals from 31 countries already but this has now been extended to nationals from any country. Patients who need major or minor surgery or reproductive therapy, organ, bone marrow and stem cell transplants will be allowed to receive these...

Mosques and Churches to Reopen


Jordan’s Media Affairs Minister has announced mosques and churches in the country will reopen next week. Mosques will reopen on 5 June and churches will reopen on 7 June. They will have to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. Worshippers will be able to walk to mosques for Friday prayers. The country’s Awqaf Minister has announced mosques will be reopened in phases. In the first...

Weekend Lock Down Announced


Turkey’s President has announced a 48-hour lock down in the country. It will apply to Ankara as well as Istanbul, İzmir, Balıkesir, Bursa, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Sakarya, Samsun, Van and Zonguldak. It starts at midnight on 29 May and will end on 31 May. Markets, grocery stores, greengrocers and butchers will be allowed to be open from 10:00am to 5:00pm on 30...

Annual Judicial Holidays Cancelled


The President of Bahrain’s Court of Cassation and Supreme Judicial Council Deputy President has announced the annual judicial holidays for all courts have been cancelled. It comes as the Council looks to clear a backlog caused by Coronavirus. The decision was made together with the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry, the Public Prosecution and the Bahraini Bar Society. Full...

Muscat Lock Down to be Lifted


Oman’s Supreme Anti-Coronavirus Committee has announced a range of new measures to tackle Coronavirus in the Sultanate, including lifting the lock down in Muscat. The lock down will be lifted from 29 May 2020. The Committee also urged public and private employers to set policies, regulations and procedures to ensure their employees, customers and others are protected against Coronavirus...

New anti-Coronavirus Measures for Airports Announced


Turkey’s Civil Aviation Authority has announced new anti-Coronvirus measures for airports in the country. The measures are part of the Coronavirus certification scheme. Only passengers and their companions will be allowed into airports. All passengers will have to wear face masks and the majority of cabin luggage will be banned. However, laptop computers, handbags and necessary items for...

Hairdressers Can Reopen


Hairdressers in Bahrain have been allowed to reopen under a Decision issued on 22 May 2020. However, the Trade, Industry and Tourism Ministry has said they must comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. These measures include only allowing customers to visit by appointment and limiting the number of appointments. Waiting areas have to be closed and regular and continuous sanitisation has to be done...

Guidelines for Public Sector Work to Resume Published


Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission has published guidelines for how public sector work can resume in the country. Under the guidelines there will be phased return. The four-chapter guidelines booklet sets policy objectives, measures and rules for the phased resumption of work as well as mechanisms for revised work hours and how to personnel and service applicants in various sectors should...

Some Mosques to be Allowed to Reopen


According to local newspaper reports, Turkey’s Interior Ministry are going to allow some mosques and masjids to reopen.They have issued a Circular to 81 provinces regarding this. However, worshippers will only be able to perform midday, afternoon and Friday prayers collectively but can worship individually at other times. 11 mosques have been cleaned to allow them to reopen tomorrow. The...