Mosques and Churches to Reopen

Jordan’s Media Affairs Minister has announced mosques and churches in the country will reopen next week. Mosques will reopen on 5 June and churches will reopen on 7 June. They will have to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures.

Worshippers will be able to walk to mosques for Friday prayers. The country’s Awqaf Minister has announced mosques will be reopened in phases. In the first phase, only Friday prayers will be allowed. Worshippers will have to wear face masks and use their own prayer rugs. Those who are ill o who are over 50 should not go to mosques. Sermons at Friday prayers should not be more than 10 minutes and anti-Coronavirus guides will be handed out. The success of this phased reopening will be reviewed before mosques are reopened for other prayer services. In terms of churches, the ill and the elderly should not go to them. Histoire complète

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