Malls Issue Reopening Proposals

Various shopping malls in the country, including Marina Mall and Avenues Mall have a annoncé they have issued reopening proposals.

However, the malls are waiting for official confirmation from the health authorities in the country that they can reopen.

The United Real Estate Company who operate Marina Mall have issued a circular regarding reopening. The Company also own Marina Crescent. They are proposing the Marina Mall opens from 10am to 10pm on weekdays and 10am to 11pm on weekends. They are also proposing only four entrances open and capacity is limited to 30%.

In addition, visitors will only be allowed in for up to two hours. It will be down to the Company to ensure there are no more than five people are inside shops or units where the area is less than 70 square metres. Those under 15 will not be allowed to visit malls unless they are with relatives.

The mall will have to be sterilised constantly and sterilisation points will have to be provided at the approved entrances to the mall.

All employees will have to wear face masks and gloves and there will be no exceptions to this rule.

Social distancing rules will have to be complied with meaning one metre will have to be kept between people.

Mabanee Company who own the Avenues Mall have also issued proposals to enable their mall to reopen. Under their proposals, employees will have to comply with social distancing and cleaning and disinfection protocols.

All employees and customers will also have to wear personal protective equipment including face masks and gloves. Employees who feel sick or are suffering Coronavirus symptoms should stay at home and customers should not visit malls if they are suffering Coronavirus symptoms.

No more than four people will be allowed to be in lifts at any time and there will be foot markers. The elderly, those with special needs and people with trolleys will be given priority.

Floor stickers will be placed to ensure social distancing rules are complied with and sterilisation will have to be carried out every two hours. Sanitiser locations will be marked in the Avenues application for easy use and there will be banners to remind visitors to use them.

All benches in public areas and food court seating will be removed.

There will also be banners to raise awareness throughout Grand Avenues and there will be screens around the mall showing the safety measures taken by the mall.

Retail units and restaurants will have to put a maximum customer limit notice on their facades. They will also have to make it clear they can only pay electronically. No more than this number of people will be allowed in.

Stores will have to put foot markers to indicate the recommended social distancing rules for queues where the stores have reached capacity.

Banners and marketing billboards should advise against group shopping trips

Foot markers should also be placed behind cashiers to ensure social distancing is followed and over the counter purchases are carried out in line with the social distancing rules.

Payments will only be able to be made electronically and customers in make up stores will have to wear gloves while fitting rooms will have to be closed.

Charged routine sterilising service for investors will have to be provided by the Avenues.

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