Anti-Coronavirus Guidelines for Hotels Issued

Ajman’s Tourism Development Department has issued anti-Coronavirus guidelines for hotels in the Emirate. Under the guidelines, they must not be more than 30% occupied in any one place at any time. This includes restaurants, bars and cafes. Anyone who visits the hotel must also have their temperature taken as they enter and there must be different entrances and exits. To ensure social distancing rules are complied with, hotels must put visible markings on the floor in areas like reception and concierge and have hand sanitisers and disinfectants at entrances to all shared facilities. Personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves must be provided to employees and guests and all hotels must allocate isolation rooms which must be disinfected after every use. A weekly disinfection and sanitisation programme for the premises must be implemented and this has to be shared with the Tourism Development Department. They will also have to keep cleaning and disinfecting operation records for three months. All hotel employees will also have to receive training on how to deal with different Coronavirus-related scenarios like finding someone has Coronavirus or Coronavirus-like symptoms. They will have to be accompanied to the isolation room until proper tests can be carried out. Reusable items like leaflets, magazines, newspapers and cups are banned. The guidelines also contain food preparation requirements and salons will only be allowed to book appointments. Histoire complète

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