Partial Lifting of Elective Surgery Ban Announced

Dubai’s Health Authority has announced the ban on elective surgery in the operation has been partially lifted. The lifting was contained in a Circular which was issued on 8 May and came into force on 10 May. Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, elective surgery, including cosmetic and corrective surgery, was banned on 25 March. It means hospitals and other healthcare centres can now carry out non-essential operations, including cosmetic surgery procedures, provided they do not last for more than 15 minutes. Corrective and therapeutic surgeries can now be carried out under topical, local and regional anaesthesia. These include face lifts and other cosmetic surgery as well as minimally invasive or laproscopy surgeries like stomach endoscopies, hernia corrections, C-sections for women and laprscopic hysterectomies. The Circular goes on to say mandatory temperature checking of anyone who enters the facility, personal protective equipment must be worn by healthcare professionals. There must also be at least twenty minutes between surgeries so the operating theatres can be cleaned. In addition, they should be sterilised on an ongoing basis and operations can only be carried out by appointment. Surgeries with aerosol impacts like dental and ENT surgeries are still banned and surgery involving general anaesthesia is only allowed in emergency situations and if a patient has to undergo surgery like this they will have to have a Coronavirus swab test. Histoire complète

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