Lock Down Extended

Lebanon’s Prime Minister has announced the country’s lock down is going to be extended for another two weeks until 24 May. It comes as concerns grow about a second wave of Coronavirus in the country. The security services have been urged to ‘step up again to implement the general mobilization resolution’. Earlier this week the country announced it had reopened its border with Syria to allow Lebanese nationals to return to the country. However, they will have to isolate in hotels. The authorities have also eased home isolation measures to allow more self-employed employees to go back to work. Public sector employees have also been allowed to go back to work but they are working shifts to limit the numbers in offices. They are also having to comply with social distancing rules and wear face masks. In addition, their temperatures are being taken daily. Elsewhere, a judge in northern Lebanon has ruled that prisoners can be released even if they haven’t completed their pre-trial detention period. It is part of a programme being carried out together with the Justice Ministry and Supreme Judicial Council to reduce overcrowding in the country’s prisons and detention centres. Histoire complète

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