Riyadh Mall Reopening Rules Announced

Riyadh Municipality has announced the rules for malls to reopen on 29 April. All entertainment and play areas inside malls will remain closed and children under 15 will not be able to visit malls. Malls will have to have health and sterilisation teams available to measure the temperatures of visitors. Their temperatures will have to be taken at all entrances throughout the day. Anyone with a temperature of more than 38 degrees will not be allowed in. All public seating will also be removed and visitors will be provided with face masks and gloves at entrances. Security personnel will have to be stationed at all entrances to ensure visitors are wearing face masks. Escalators and stairs should only be used and if these are not available, lifts may be used but only two people will be allowed in a lift at one time. All malls will have to sterilise the whole facility every 24 hours and allocate rooms for isolating anyone displaying Coronavirus symptoms. They should also have adequate numbers of security personnel and carry out regular checks to ensure compliance. Valet services will also be suspended and malls will have to put up explanatory signs of the guidelines to ensure everyone understands them. Histoire complète

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