Roadmap for Reopening Malls Announced

Saudi Arabia’s Municipal and Rural Affairs Ministry has announced a roadmap for the reopening of malls and commercial outlets in the Kingdom. When they reopen, social distancing rules will have to be upheld at all times and no public gatherings will be allowed. In addition, cash will not be able to be used and only electronic payments will be accepted. Clothes fitting rooms and prayer rooms will be closed and public seating will be removed. All entertainment and gathering venues including games and shows will remain closed. Only electronic gates and doors will be able to be used and where there are no electronic doors, the doors should stay open throughout the working day. Goods will not be able to be returned or exchanged once bought. Customers will only be allowed into shops at a distance of ten square metres. Customers will have to wait outside if the maximum capacity has been reached and stickers and clear markers will have to be used to ensure the social distancing rules are maintained at payment points and where goods are received as well as entrances and exits. Shopping trolleys and baskets will have to be cleaned regularly and goods exposed during transportation will have to be covered. Signs and guidance signboards must be placed, published and distributed to ensure all employees understand the anti-Coronavirus measures. These include wearing face masks, washing hands, wearing gloves and changing them from time to time. Full awareness about the risks of Coronavirus and the measures they should adopt must be communicated to employees. Employees must isolate immediately if they display symptoms, even if those symptoms are mild. Employers should be flexible in approving sick leave in these circumstances. The health authorities should be notified immediately when anyone displays Coronavirus symptoms. Employers should also be flexible in amending the working hours of employees. This includes interactions between employees when they enter and leave workplaces. Commercial entities should have medical check-up and sterilisation units to measure body temperatures at all entrances during working hours. Anyone with a body temperature over 38 degrees will not be allowed to enter the mall or outlet. Face masks and gloves will also have to be provided to all visitors. The mall or entity should ensure there are adequate amounts of these and security guards will man entrances to ensure visitors use face masks. Malls and entities will have to be cleaned every 24 hours and anyone suspected of having Coronavirus or displaying symptoms should be placed in isolation in a specific room. Under-15s will not be allowed in these facilities. There should be adequate numbers of security guards throughout the venue and security checks should be carried out continuously to ensure compliance with all of these measures. Histoire complète

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