Ramadan Safety Advice Issued

Qatar’s Public Health Ministry has issued Ramadan safety advice. Under the advice, infection prevention guidelines, including reducing physical contact with other people should be followed. The advice also advises people to stay positive and focus on what they can gain and learn instead of what they cannot do. When they get together with family for Iftar or Suhoor meals, they should use their own plates and utensils and maintain social distancing. They should stay in touch with family and friends electronically and engage with family while respecting the public health guidelines and social gathering restrictions. They should give more through to meal planning by reducing supermarket trips and order groceries online if possible. They should also food shop for two weeks. They should exercise regularly in line with the social distancing rules and instead of exercising outdoors, exercise indoors through online classes. They should use social media to celebrate events like Garangao and hold online photo competitions with the best traditional dress voted on by friends and relatives. Those wanting further information should visit https://www.moph.gov.qa/english/Pages/ramadan-health.aspx.

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