Support for Private Sector Employers Announced

Dubai’s Chamber has announced it has lancé a new Business Connect platform to help companies and other entities respond to the economic consequences of Coronavirus. The page includes news, economic and educational resources and various economic viewpoints related to challenges and how to tackle them. It also contains short promotional videos on various topics related to the business sector, including from private sector representatives on the Chamber’s #BeSafe #WorkSmart campaign.

The platform also includes interactive questionnaires about the economy and the effects of the current crisis on their work and proposals to confront them. Finally, it will provide a comprehensive guide which is constantly updated on the various incentive packages announced by the UAE and Dubai for the private sector.

In addition, it provides a guide for companies on the National Disinfection Programme and the excluded vital sectors. The guide will be regularly updated according to developments announced by the relevant Government authorities. It has been launched together with Entrepreneurs Middle East and also provides advice for entrepreneurs and SMEs on how to deal with the current situation, remote working and information on the Community Solidarity Fund.

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