Istijaba System Enhanced

Abu Dhabi’s Health Department has a annoncé it has enhanced its Istijaba system. The system aims to improve the connections between public and private healthcare sectors to identify requirements and manage resources. It is the first of its kind in the region and was launched last year to gather information on healthcare resources in the Emirate and create a database. Its new features will help enhance cooperation among healthcare facilities by ‘enabling and coordinating resource exchanges as needed, including doctors, nurses, beds, and medical necessities’. It will help healthcare professionals identify which facilities require assistance and enable them to work in other facilities as needed. It also provides off-duty healthcare staff with the opportunity to join the emergency and crisis response team. It records real-time information on the capacity of facilities providing treatment for positive Coronavirus cases in order to allow resources to be allocated more effectively and identify gaps in requirements. Some of the information provided includes the total number of medical staff available, the numbers of occupied beds, the personal protective equipment and medicines which are available, as well as the number of screenings carried out.

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