Coronavirus Advice for Diabetics Issued

Qatar’s Public Health Ministry has announced it has issued Coronavirus advice for Type 1 diabetics. Those looking for more information can call 16000. As well as specifying what Coronavirus is, how people get infected and whether or not those with diabetes are at risk the guidelines provide advice on how to boost their immune system. Type 1 diabetics should maintain their blood sugar readings at the target range agreed with their healthcare professionals. This is generally fasting blood sugar of 80 to 130mg/dl and post prandial sugar of under 180mg/dl). Target sugar levels vary depending on various factors including age and duration of diabetes. The individual’s healthcare professional will be able to tell the patient what their targets should be. Those with Type 1 diabetics should also remain well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, maintain a balanced diet of three meals and snacks as indicated by their healthcare professional and ensure they have taken all of their required annual vaccinations such as u and pneumococcus. In addition, they should maintain regular physical activity even if they are staying at home.

To reduce the risk, they should follow the Public Health Ministry’s instructions on social distancing, staying at home, avoiding busy places and avoiding touching surfaces. The guidelines are available here.

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