Change to Import Rules

The Oman Minister of Commerce and Industry, has issued a ministerial decree on the temporary permit for the import of food products, goods and sanitary materials. Article 1 of the resolution states that the import of food products, goods and sanitary materials can be temporarily permitted without written explanatory statements in Arabic, if there is writing of all data in English and the addition of another language.

However, Article 2 prohibits the import of all food products, goods and sanitary materials that violate approved standard specifications. Article 3 then imposes an administrative fine of up to 1,000,000 Rials on those who violate the resolution, and doubles the fine if there is a repeat offence.

The decision was based on Oman Sultani Decree No. 11/2017 specifying the terms of reference of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and on Oman Ministerial Decision No. 53/84 prohibiting the import of products and goods that violate the standard specifications, Oman Ministerial Decision No. 68/1986, Oman Ministerial Resolution No. 172/1993, Oman Ministerial Decision No. 74/2000 on demonstration statements and food safety, and to precautionary measures which have been taken to curb the spread of COVID-19. Histoire complète

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