Six Types of Sanitisers Withdrawn

The Dubai Municipality has announced six types of hand sanitisers have been withdrawn:

  • Lulu Hand Sanitizer: 500 ml (batch #:320104),
  • Cosmo Hand Sanitizer: 65 ml (batch#:24286),
  • Ziva Hand Sanitizer: 250 ml (batch#: 03200050MF),
  • Feah Hand Sanitizer: 50 ml (batch#: 24291),
  • Ameya Isopropyl Alcohol: 70 ml and
  • Lulu Hand Sanitizer: 250 ml (batch#3200105)

They were found to be non-compliant with the relevant specifications after an inspection. They contained methanol which is harmful to public health. It can affect the nervous system and cause dizziness, headaches, skin irritation and respiratory problems and even blindness in severe cases. All antiseptic products are monitored through the Municipality’s Montaji system once they have met the required specifictions. Consumers have been advised to notify the Municipality of any non-compliant products on 800900 or through the Dubai 24/7 app or

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