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La Banque mondiale a annoncé au sein d’un communiqué rendu public le 30 avril 2020, l’octroi d’une aide financière à hauteur de 20 millions en faveur de la Tunisie. Cette aide vise à soutenir le renforcement des capacités du secteur de la santé et les PMEs à faire face aux répercussions socio-économiques de la crise sanitaire du Covid-19.

Source : Banque mondiale ; 30 avril 2020.

Drivers Alone Do Not Have to Wear A Mask


The Dubai Police have announced drivers on their own do not have to wear a face mask. However,if there are passengers, the driver will receive a warning. Repeat offenders will be fined 1,000 AED Face masks should be worn by everyone even if they are not displaying Coronavirus symptoms. 10,286 fines for failing to wear face masks or comply with social distancing rules were issued between 26 March...

Employers Must Pay Employees


UAE’s Human Resources and Emiratisation Ministry has announced employers must comply with Ministerial Decision No. 739/2016 and pay their employees on time. Employers who have granted employees early leave must expedite the documentation to register the consent, via a temporary supplementary annex to the employment contract. The supplementary form/annex is available on the Ministry’s...

People Can Travel Between Emirates


The Dubai Police have announced people between Emirates for staycations or personal and business travel. However, they can only be outside between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am in line with the National Disinfection Programme. The Ras al Khaimah Police have also confirmed this is allowed. Full story

Non-emergency Services to Continue to be Suspended


Qatar’s Cabinet has announced non-emergency services will continue to be suspended in private health facilities. This includes dental clinics, dermatology and laser clinics, plastic surgery clinics and surgeries. The services of diet and nutrition centres, physiotherapy clinics, alternative medicine and home healthcare services will continue to be suspended. Long-term nursing contracts and...

Federal Transport Authority Issues Compliance Warning


The Land & Maritime Department of the UAE’s Federal Transport Authority has issued a Coronavirus compliance warning and additional instructions to ensure compliance. Anyone involved in land transport activities should ensure they comply with the instructions and guidelines issued by the UAE authorities. They should also educate their employees about these instructions and guidelines and...

Conditions for Malls to Reopen Announced


Jordan’s Trade and Supply Minister has announced the conditions for malls to reopen. Malls will be able to reopen but arcades, cinemas, cafes and restaurants will stay closed. However, they will have to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures, including ensuring social distancing rules are followed. Malls will also have to adequate crowd control measures in place and ensure sterilisation...

Reopening Rules for Commercial Centres Announced


Abu Dhabi’s Economic Development Department has announced the reopening rules for commercial centres and shopping mall. The rules are contained in a new Circular. To reopen these entities must comply with the conditions and instructions announced by the Department last week. The Circular applies to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. Managers of these commercial centres and malls must organise...

Anti-Coronavirus Strategy Announced


Egypt’s Health Ministry is reviewing the country’s anti-Coronavirus strategy. Companies, malls, markets and methods of transport could reopen. However, high risk areas will stay closed. Employers will have to reduce the number of employees on each shift and ensure their premises are well ventilated. The temperature of all visitors will have to be taken by entities which reopen and an...