The Cabinet meeting on Sunday March 22, 2020, adopted draft legislative decree No. 2.20.292 promulgating provisions relating to "the state of health emergency" and the procedures for its declaration.

This draft decree law, adopted in accordance with the provisions of article 81 of the Constitution, is part of the urgent preventive measures taken by the public authorities to stem the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

During this period, the public authorities can take all the necessary measures, through decrees, administrative decisions, circulars or even press releases, with the aim of immediate and urgent intervention to counter any possible development of the epidemiological situation. as well as for the mobilization of all available means to preserve people's lives and guarantee their security.

Under this project, any violation of the instructions and decisions of the public authorities is punishable by one to three months' imprisonment and a fine ranging from 300 to 1,300 dirhams or one of the two penalties. , without prejudice to the heaviest criminal penalty.

Furthermore, this project allows the government to take, in case of absolute necessity, exceptional emergency measures of an economic, financial, social or environmental nature, capable of directly contributing to dealing with the negative impacts of the declared state of emergency.

Source: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Spokesman of the Government, Department of Communication, News, “The Council of Government adopts a draft decree-law promulgating provisions relating to“ the state of 'health emergency ”and the procedures for its declaration”, March 22, 2020:

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