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Commercial Centre and Mall Opening Times Revised


The opening times for commercial centres and malls has been revised in Muscat. The Muscat Municipality has announced commercial centres and malls can open from 10am to 10pm. This will not apply to hypermarkets and dressing and fitting rooms can still not reopen. Previously they could not open from 12pm to 9pm. They were allowed to reopen last week but have to comply with strict anti-Coronavirus...

Dubai: Financial Market to Reopen Trading Floor


Dubai’s Financial Market has announced it is going to reopen its Trading Floor and Customer Affairs counters from Tuesday 7 July. They will do so in line with anti-Coronavirus measures to protect their clients and employees. They were closed in mid-March. The Financial Market kept trading despite this during the shutdown. The Market resumed work on its Trading Floor in early June and all...

Anti-Coronavirus Measures for Haj Announced


Saudi Arabia’s Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has announced the anti-Coronavirus measures for the Haj pilgrimage in the Kingdom. The aim is to suppress Coronavirus infections and protect pilgrims. The Health Minister has previously announced the numbers of Pilgrims will be limited this year. From 19 July, the authorities will prohibit entry into Mina, Muzdalifa, and Arafat...

Entrance Guidelines Updated in Abu Dhabi


The Abu Dhabi Media Office has announced the entrance guidelines for residents have been updated. Under the updates, those leaving Abu Dhabi for a short time may get a Coronavirus test from a screening centre in the Emirate before leaving. They won’t have to share their test result until they are back providing they are back within 48 hours. If it is not presented within 48 hours, a new...

Travellers Will Have to Wear Wristbands


A spokesman for Jordan’s anti-Coronavirus task force has announced travellers to the country will have to wear wristbands. They will have to wear them while they isolate for 14 days. They will have to isolate at specific hotels specified by the Jordanian authorities in the Dead Sea area. They will then have to self-isolate for another 14 days at home. Full story

Recreation Centres Allowed to Reopen in Dubai


Dubai Economy has announced recreation centres, summer camps, spa and massage centres and indoor theme parks will be allowed to reopen. They will be allowed to reopen from today but will have to comply with strict anti-Coronavirus measures. This includes a requirement for face masks to be worn and social distancing to be complied with. It is part of the Emirate’s wider reopening. Fun fairs...

No Tourist Visa Fines Until 15 July


The Royal Oman Police have announced tourists whose visas have expired will not be fined until 15 July. It comes as the Sultanate continues to tackle Coronavirus. They added these visas can be renewed electronically. In addition, the Government has delayed the collection of charges from tourism establishments payable between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020. They will have to be paid in the...

Local Lock Downs to be Lifted


According to local media reports, Kuwait’s Cabinet has approved the lifting of lock downs in Al-Mahboula and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. They will be lifted on 9 July. Movement restrictions in the two areas were imposed on 6 April. The Cabinet also instructed the Finance Ministry to dedicate $243.8 million to the Health Ministry to buy vaccines and treat Coronavirus patients. The budget of the...

Aviation Health and Safety Guidelines Published


Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority has announced they have issued health and safety guidelines for the aviation sector. The guidelines include health measures which have been approved by the Public Health Ministry to effectively mitigate against Coronavirus and comply with public health requirements. They are aimed at facilitating the safe and gradual recovery of air traffic flow management...

Coronavirus Violators Named and Shamed


The UAE’s Public Prosecution has named and shamed thirteen Coronavirus violators. They were fined between 2,000 and 10,000 AED for a variety of health and safety violations. They were fined for not wearing face masks, breaching curfew rules, holding gatherings and attending parties. Five people violated the restrictions on gatherings and private parties. One was fined 10,000 AED while four...