Exam Guidelines Issued

The UAE’s Education Ministry has issued various binding rules and regulations for students and their parents during the first term exams which will take place on 22 November 2020. These include not allowing parents to enter school buildings. Students should also wear face masks and gloves and use hand sanitisers. They should wear their school uniform and contact the school if they don’t have laptops before the exam so as they can be provided with one. Canteens in the schools will be closed and parents should wait outside the school. If the student becomes infected with Coronavirus, parents have to inform the school via email to avoid registering the student as absent without a reason. Results of the Coronavirus test will be valid for two weeks from the date of the test. These guidelines, along with other requirements are laid out in the Exam Guidelines for 2020-2021 which has recently been circulated by the Ministry. Full story

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