Coronavirus Travel Rules Updated

Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority has announced it has updated the Coronavirus travel rules for those coming to the Sultanate. Under the new rules, all passengers will have to show a negative PCR test. They will have had to have got the result within 96 hours before they are due to arrive in the country. A Circular to this effect has been issued and it will come into force on 11 November. The test will have to be a validated and certified medical test result. Citizens who test positive after recovering from Coronavirus will be allowed to travel to the country, once they have provided evidence they have isolated for seven days before taking the COVID-19 PCR test before leaving Oman. Diplomats working at foreign embassies and visiting Oman are exempt as are those 15 or under. All airlines will have to take the necessary steps to ensure the requirements to enter the Sultanate under this and other Circulars are complied with. Airlines which do not comply will be prosecuted. Full story

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