List of Low Risk Countries Updated

Qatar’s Public Health Ministry has updated its list of low risk countries. The Green List now includes Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Cyprus, the UK, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, Iceland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, Russia and Serbia. It also includes Algeria, Morocco, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, it includes Cuba, Canada, Uruguay and Mexico. Finally, it includes Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong SAR-China and Macau SAR-China, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, the Maldives, Singapore and Taiwan. It came into force on 22 October 2020 Travellers from these countries have to have a Covid-19 test when they arrive at Hamad International Airport and sign a home isolation undertaking to comply with the home isolation procedure for a week. They will have a yellow health status on the Ehteraz application, indicating are under isolation. On the sixth day of isolation, these travellers have to visit one of the Primary Health Care Corporation health centres to take another Covid-19 test. If the test result is positive, the individual has to isolate and their health status on the Ehteraz application will be changed to Red. If it is negative, the isolation period is completed by the end of the seventh day and the health status on the Ehteraz application will be changed to Green. Full story

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