Recruitment of Domestic Workers Resumes

Following the issuing of an order from the Human Resources and Social Development Minister, the recruitment of domestic workers in the Kingdom has resumed. It follows a seven-month suspension and comes as the country’s land, sea, and airports partially reopen. The Ministry has also announced its Musaned website is accepting new contract applications until 31 October. Under the new Order, the recruitment period for new contracts is 120 days. If a licensed firm fails to recruit the domestic help in this time, the contract will be automatically extended for another 30 days. However, a fine equivalent to 15% of the contract’s value will be imposed for non-compliance. If the contract is cancelled or the domestic worker fails to arrive before the expiry of the extension period of 150 days, then the contract will be considered null and void and the licensed firm will have to return the value of the contract to the customer. They will also have to pay 20% of the contract’s value as a delay penalty. In addition, the cost of terminating the contract will be 5% for anyone requesting the cancellation in the first six to 30 days of the contract being concluded. This will increase to 10% for a cancellation request in the next 31 to 120 days and 15% for a cancellation request in the next 121 to 150 days. The contract will be automatically cancelled after 151 days. Under the Order, the relevant agency will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements to deal with contracts which could be suspended in the future as a result of restrictions on travel to and from some countries which are global Coronavirus hotspots. Full story

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