Public Schools Will Reopen on 4 October

Bahrain’s Education Ministry has announced that schools will reopen on 4 October. Teachers, technical and administrative staff will return then and students will return on 11 October. It follows a Decision by the Kingdom’s Executive Committee to postpone the reopening by two weeks while they tested all administrative, technical and teaching staff for Coronavirus. However, only 50% of staff will be able to return at any one time and school attendance will operate on a rotational basis. School administrations will communicate with teachers to determine their physical or remote attendance schedules based on rotas and distribute assignments. All administrative and technical staff and employees working at different directorates and sections and the higher education sector affiliated to the Ministry have to attend. 1% of administrative, teaching staff and teachers will not be able to return as they failed to respond to Ministry calls to take the PCR test. They will be dealt with in line with the relevant civil service regulations and laws. Students will have to study remotely at the start of the school year for two weeks. Students wanting to physically attend will be able to do so from 25 October. Full story

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