Salary Support Extended

Bahrain’s Cabinet has announced the Government will pay 50% of the salaries of insured Bahrainis in the private sector who have been adversely affected by Coronavirus for another three months. The additional support will start next month and will benefit 23,000 Bahraini employees and 4,000 entities. The Cabinet also approved the payment of 50% of the salaries of 524 uninsured female workers in kindergartens and nurseries for three months from next month. In addition, the Cabinet announced they have decided to extend the wage subsidy provided by the Labour Fund or Tamkeen for another three 3 months from next month. It will be paid at 150 Dinars a month and is aimed at supporting uninsured 950 taxi drivers, common transport and buses drivers, and 829 driving instructors. Finally, tourist facilities will be exempt from paying tourism fees for another three months from next month. Full story

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