Visitors Must Have Insurance Cover

Oman’s Supreme Anti-Coronavirus Committee has announced visitors to the Sultanate must have insurance coverage by 1 October 2020. It will have to cover the costs of treatment for Coronavirus. It should be valid for a month. Omani citizens travelling abroad have to have valid health insurance which includes COVID-19 cover. In addition, passengers arriving to the country have to take a PCR test on arrival. It will costs 25 Rials. Aircraft crew and children under 15 are exempt. Passengers arriving in the country have to fill in and sign a health declaration form to confirm they do not have Coronavirus or any Coronavirus symptoms. Overcrowding at security checkpoints should also be avoided and only one item of hand luggage can be taken on board an airplane plus an additional bag for duty-free goods. All passengers have to have their temperatures taken on entering the terminal building. Access will be granted if their temperature is under 38 degrees. Passengers will also have to comply with the social distancing rules. Elsewhere, Oman’s Health Ministry has announced passengers will have to download the Tarassud+ application. Those who are coming for more than seven days will be isolated along with a hand bracelet. These procedures will be applied to all arrivals through the airport or land borders. Full story

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