Tougher Coronavirus Penalties Announced

Jordan’s Minister of State for Media Affairs has announced the Prime Minister has introduced tougher penalties for non-compliance with the anti-Coronavirus measures in the country. They been introduced through Jordan Defence Order No. 16/2020 which bans wedding parties, funerals and social gatherings with more than 20 people attending. Those attending gatherings which comply with the Order will have to comply with social distancing measures, wear face masks and avoid handshakes. Those who are isolating at home will have to isolate at home and comply with the relevant anti-Coronavirus measures. This means they will have to wear their e-bracelet, use the relevant e-application and follow the instructions issued by the relevant authorities. Entities will have to prevent any gatherings of more than 20 people. Those who do not comply will be fined between 1,000 and 3,000 Dinars and/or jailed for between three months and a year. Entities who do not comply will be fined at least 500 Dinars and will be closed down for 14 days. Full story

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