Indoor Eating Reopening Postponed

Bahrain’s Government Executive Committee has announced it has postponed the reopening of indoor dining services and physical learning in public schools. Administrative, technical and teaching staff at public schools will not return for another two weeks. They will be allowed to return on 4 October 2020. Teachers and educational staff will be periodically tested for Coronavirus together with the Health Ministry. Students in public schools will not return until 11 October 2020. Private schools and kindergartens will have to comply with the rules which have already been issued. Indoor eating reopening has also been delayed for a month until 24 October 2020. In addition, social gatherings should be restricted until 1 October 2020. People should only mix with those in their household or bubble and comply with all anti-Coronavirus measures related to wearing face masks in public places and only go out if they have to. These decisions will be reviewed from time to time to take account of the evolving health situation. Full story

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